Q: What is yoga?

A: Yoga is to unite the body, mind, and spirit. Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, it is to unite yourself with peace and well-being on every level. It is integration and gathers energies throughout the mind and body to open our awareness of ourselves and others. It is much more than a series of asanas, as it helps to control the fluctuations of the mind. It has a deep, personal meaning to the individual but many yogis believe that any time you practice acceptance and love, you are practicing yoga.

Q: Who can practice yoga?

A: EVERYONE & ANYONE with the willingness to try!

Q: Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga?

A: Nope! Flexibility is one of those things that grows with the time you put into your practice. You can gain or lose flexibility at any point in your life so the potential to gain more is always there. There are so many other components to a yoga practice that make it worthwhile and if you continue your practice, you will most definitely see an increase in flexibility and range of motion. You do not have to be flexible to start.

Q: Is yoga a religious faith?

A: It can be if you want it to be. But not necessarily. It can be compatible with any religious faith but for those that enjoy the physical aspect and want to stray from the spiritual side, it is more so a practice, self-discipline, and a study of ancient asanas, bodywork, and alignment.

Q: What is the best time of day to practice yoga?

A: Whenever your mind and body are willing! There is no wrong time to practice yoga. Some choose to practice in the morning when the body is stiff but the mind is fresh, and others will practice in the evening, when the body is relaxed but the mind is starting to calm down. Personally, I practice yoga throughout my day to continuously stay stretched out and/or aware of my body mechanics as a preventative measure for the physical work that I do.

Q: Does Mindful Healing offer guided meditation sessions? 

A: Yes! Simply ask your yoga instructor or massage therapist and you will be can schedule to be guided through body scans, visualizations, and variations of pranayama for an additional cost.

Q: Do I need a mat to practice yoga?

A: A mat is strongly recommended but if you don’t have one, one can be provided for you or you can simply use a towel for the time being. I also highly recommend investing in (at least 2) yoga blocks and a yoga strap for modifications and to enhance your practice.

Q: Won’t I get all sweaty?

A: YES! And we like that! Depending on the level of yoga you are doing, remember to shower to avoid a build up of bacteria or carry baby wipes in your gym bag to freshen up. You will most definitely sweat even if the intensity is not turned up!

Individual and Group Yoga Lessons

Registered yoga instructor, Catrina Braatz Weed, provides yoga instruction for individuals or small groups of people looking to enhance their wellness through yoga. Classes are given at the location of your choice. Cat will come to you! Call today to schedule an appointment!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered off-site, outside of the office for groups or individuals. Ask about hourly rates.