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Tibetan Bowl Singing

Massage therapy is the purest form and most timeless method of healing. As the client, you are building a relationship of trust with your therapist so that you can let their hands realign your body, soften your tissue, calm your mind, and soothe your pain. It is a traditional, holistic, and safe practice that has an ancient history. People have been seeking this type of healing and bodywork as an alternate form of fighting disease, maintaining flexibility, fighting through symptoms of copious different conditions, (physical, mental, and emotional), as well as helping to simply decompress and relax.

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Group yoga lessons on location

Yoga is a beautiful and disciplined practice that has various physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Yoga and meditation help to control the fluctuations of the mind. The practice of learning and working through various asanas (postures) will help you to unite the breath, the body, and the mind. Some benefits to be expected from practicing yoga include: improved focus and concentration, improved digestion, increased energy levels, conscious eating, conscious living, increased control of breath, decrease in anxiety, improved sleeping, possible weight loss and increased muscle tone, more control over thoughts and emotions. These are just a few of the many benefits of yoga and mostly focus on one limb. There are eight limbs of yoga to be explored; from breath (pranayama) to practicing ahimsa (respect and non-violence towards all living things) to exploring the Yamas and Niyamas, there is a lot to explore on your yoga journey and throughout your individualized practice.

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lavender plants blooming

Aromatherapy is truly an amazing tool. Scent is one of the most powerful senses so aromatherapy can truly take you back to a joyous time or send you on a powerful journey into escape, relaxation, or invigoration to name a few. At Mindful Healing, we use doTERRA quality products for all of our aromatherapy services. We also sell products on site as well as provide a link to purchase directly from Mindful Healing. If essential oils help you to relax, book an aromatherapy session. If you feel like you are in pain and in need of a sports massage, add on aromatherapy and try out the Deep Blue Rub by doTERRA as well as the Deep Blue oil that acts as a topical analgesic and dulls pain immediately. Essential oils also have a plethora of benefits. For more information on each one, check out the list of essential oils and scents we keep on site for your next appointment!

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