Our Mission

Respectful, Ethical Massage Services in Brookfield, WI

Catrina Braatz Weed doing yoga

Mindful Healing is designed to be completely different than your typical corporate chain of massage. Clients have often described undesirable experiences within chain or corporate massage. Some of these complaints include: not enough time in the treatment room (50-minutes for a paid 60-minute massage), monthly contracts that can be difficult to break, inconsistent pricing, unreliable or unprofessional therapists, as well as inappropriate touch, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or even sexual assault!

Mindful Healing’s biggest mission is to reassure clients that everyone has the right to safe and appropriate touch at all times and is a studio based on mutual respect, close-knit relationships, trust, and safety. Having suffered the loss of a dear friend in 2008 while in massage school to the trauma of protracted mental, physical and sexual abuse and assault, Catrina has developed a deep personal passion for sharing the message of safe touch. Since then, Catrina has dedicated massage therapy to making sure that every client who crosses her path understands that their bodies are worthy of respectful touch, safe touch, and appropriate touch. She firmly believes that our bodies are not designed to be adorned or commented on as if they were Christmas ornaments. Catrina believes that your body is your own, and you are all made perfectly imperfect. It is her personal mission and a dedication to her practice, to make sure that all clients feel secure while receiving massage.

Catrina holding a tibetan singing bowl

In 2014, while living in Costa Rica, Catrina suffered a tremendous leg break that sent her back to the United States for surgery and healing. Throughout the process of breaking, healing, and learning how to walk again, she realized that there is a very serious component to the mental aspect of healing. Mentally, healing can feel like an arduous and hopeless process, even for those that think they are mentally tough. While experiencing first-hand the lack of compassion on the part of numerous massage and physical therapists, Catrina realized that there are simply not enough healers willing to treat others with compassion and dignity during this phase of mental and emotional healing. Catrina does this while also coaching her clients through emotions from their personal injuries with an enthusiastic can-do attitude, including making sure they know that they can become even stronger than they were before.

Through the process of having titanium, metal and screws surgically inserted from knee to ankle, Catrina realized how truly precious body movement is to life. Learning to walk again was a difficult task but it occurred to her that once physically healed, she was not capable of doing some of those things she did before, such as running, playing soccer, jumping, etc. During this process, she discovered a love of yoga. Not being able to enjoy things that she had done previously in her life, like going for a run, she had to explore new avenues of physical exercise. Catrina invested so much of her time learning how to move again that in July 2017, she succeeded in becoming a Certified and Registered (200-hour) Yoga Instructor while studying through Wild Abundant Life, LLC.

Mindful Healing Massage places a huge emphasis on getting people “comfortably out of our comfort zones” and expanding minds to alternative forms of healing. Catrina’s own life experiences and transformation has also inspired Catrina to be the best possible bodyworker that she can be, providing a safe, healing, and helping hand to anyone in emotional or physical pain or distress.