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Anxiety, Depression and the Embarrassment of Being Human by Heidi Michelle

This blog was written by Heidi Michelle from DragonFLYoga. She is a well-respected yoga instructor, writer and someone that I personally practice with from time to time. She has home bases in Reno, Nevada, Mexico, and Costa Rica. You can find more of her writings and events on her web page by visiting Anxiety,…Read More

The Art of Showing Up

The past few years have been intense for me. I’ve traveled to foreign countries, become a certified English teacher, shattered a leg, had major surgeries, become a registered yoga instructor, opened my own business, fallen in love, gotten married, and become a step-parent. That’s just to name a few major events that have happened in…Read More

Pranayama and Massage Therapy

Yoga on a surf board

I’ve been practicing massage therapy regularly for almost a decade and I practice a lot of different modalities on the general public. One thing that I’ve noticed is that some clients will often forget to breathe when the pressure gets intense, when a knot or a kink is being worked out, or when they are…Read More