Massage Therapy and Yoga for Your Well-Being

Catrina Braatz Weed giving a massage to a client

Mindful Healing Massage was founded by Catrina (Cat) Braatz Weed in 2015 while she was living and working abroad in Costa Rica. The premise behind this business is to hold massage therapy and other forms of bodywork to the highest possible standard and to provide clients with the utmost respect. Catrina has worked all over the world for a decade, ranging from private practices in Central America, to “mom and pop shops,” to almost every corporate chain in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Due to her vast experience, Catrina offers a variety of massage techniques to enhance your well-being from traditional Swedish massage to Tibetan Bowl Singing and Himalayan Hot Salt Stone Massage. Passionate about helping you feel your best, Catrina provides a wealth of knowledge to help you improve your quality of life. Find out more about what drives her passion to help others and her mission statement by visiting our mission page.